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Built for Magento

The #1 Magento AI extension for your product descriptions does more than just generate product descriptions; it is fully incorporated into Magento. This eliminates the need for cumbersome copy-pasting, importing, exporting, and manual uploads and downloads using external tools.

Built for Magento is seamlessly integrated with Magento. Whip up product descriptions and SEO texts in no time and start selling.

Bulk generate product text for as many products as you want can generate meta titles, meta descriptions, Open Graph texts, and product descriptions, all based on your existing product data. Just pick from our list of tones, styles, and target audience settings, select your products, hit “Bulk Generate” and off you go. But if you'd like a bit more creative flexibility and SEO features, we've got you covered.


Add your own custom tones, styles, and audiences

While we’re full of built-in options, we also encourage you to add your personal touch by defining your own custom tones, styles, and target markets. If you ever find yourself struggling for words to articulate these, though, not to worry — you can choose a reference product for to use as the basis for generating text for your entire product lineup.


Publish to Magento with one click

Done generating and/or tweaking your text? There's no need for the old copy-paste or import-export routine. Hit “Transfer” and your product text gets sent straight to Magento.

Free AI product description generator

Get 35 complimentary credits every month with your free account. You’re up and running in a few minutes — no technical knowledge required.