The most cutting-edge feature set in an AI writing tool

Get up and running with our free features included in every account. For a more supercharged AI experience, unlock premium features with a subscription or a credit purchase through our prepaid option.

Completely integrated

No need to learn a completely new system. Work within your familiar environment.


Select existing product attributes in your backend automatically scans the available product attributes in your backend so you can select them to be included in generating text.

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Experiment with tones and styles

Choose from our predefined options for tones and styles to generate text suited for your business.

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Select a target audience

Choose your audience demographics and let AI craft the ideal text to target them.

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Set a target length for your text

Add your minimum and maximum target number of words to make AI write within your desired length.


Generate all the text you need for your product page

From customer-facing product descriptions to SEO essentials like meta titles, meta descriptions, and Open Graph text — we’ve got you covered.

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Seamless publishing to live

No tedious copy-pasting and switching from a separate AI tool to your backend. Work inside your ecommerce platform and seamlessly publish or transfer your text once done. Bulk transfer is also available for a more optimized workflow.

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Define permissions by user roles

Streamline your process by defining user roles, enabling you to control access and permissions for each member of your team.


See history log

View a complete log of all activities inside your ecommerce site or whole account.


Multilingual support

Generate text in multiple languages: English, Danish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, French, Italian, Spanish, Catalan, and Portuguese, with more to come in future versions.


Unlimited webshops

You only need one account with Add unlimited ecommerce sites from different ecommerce platforms.


Companion Chrome extension

Install our free Chrome extension to review content right inside the product page and mark text that needs to be rewritten or fact-checked. All comments are automatically synchronized with the interface in your ecommerce backend, enabling efficient collaboration.



Bulk generate text

Generate text for multiple products in one go — using the same tones, style, and audience, or based on your own reference product.

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Bulk transfer or publish to live

Instantly transfer generated text for multiple products for an even faster time to market.

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Built-in keyword research tool

Find the right keywords to help boost your SEO ranking. No more switching from one tool to another — do your keyword analysis right where you generate your text.

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Suggested semantic keywords

Semantic keywords are conceptually related terms to your keywords, which help search engines better understand your content. automatically suggests semantic keywords for every keyword you target.

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Track keyword density

See the keyword density throughout the page, and easily see how often each keyword appears by highlighting them in the generated text.



Image analysis for more relevant text  

Let AI analyze your product image to generate more contextually relevant and accurate product text.



Add other product details to improve text quality

Add relevant product details on top of existing attributes to enhance the generated text.

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Write your own custom tone and style

Get AI to write in your brand voice by describing your custom tone and style exactly the way you want it.



Get AI-suggested target markets or add them yourself

Want an even more focused targeting? automatically suggests specific target markets based on your product attributes and keywords. You can also freely add your own.

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Make AI copy the style of your reference product

If you only have time to perfect one product, will take care of the rest for you. Choose a “reference product” and it will automatically generate text with the same style and structure.



Rewrite existing text with updated keywords or attributes

Easily update your text with new keywords or attributes, without changing up the style and structure of your text.



Generate image alt text  

Analyze your website images and generate alt text for better accessibility and SEO.

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Try without download or installation

Try without creating an account or any installation. Test up to three products by entering product attributes (e.g., color, weight, size etc.) and SEO keywords.