Personalize your Magento content with custom tones and styles

Transform your Magento store with's custom tone and style feature. Tailor your product descriptions, meta titles, and more to match your brand’s unique voice effortlessly.

Customize your product descriptions’ tone and style

With for Magento, you can select from a range of existing tones and styles or define your own. This powerful feature ensures that every piece of content reflects your brand's identity, helping you connect with your audience on a deeper level.


How it works


Select tone and style from default choices

Choose from existing tones and styles that best fits your brand.

Define your own custom tone and style

Write your desired tone and style in your own words.

Generate and review will create content based on your selected tone and style. Review and make any necessary tweaks. - the #1 Magento AI writer

Custom tone and style is only one feature among many available in Experience convenience and speed in ecommerce copywriting with’s suite of features from keyword analysis, custom audience targeting, meta title generator, product description generator, and more. See full list of features here.

Conclusion’s custom tone and style feature for Magento offers enhanced brand consistency, increased engagement, and flexible customization. Automate your content creation process while ensuring every piece resonates with your target audience.

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Try without creating an account or any installation. Test up to three products by entering product attributes (e.g., color, weight, size etc.) and SEO keywords.

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