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Product description length

A well-optimized product description provides just enough information to engage customers and answer their questions without overwhelming them. The recommended length is between 300 and 500 words. This range ensures your description is comprehensive yet concise, preventing customers from losing interest or feeling overwhelmed.

Meta title length

Meta titles need to be concise yet descriptive, as they are crucial for SEO. The optimal length is between 50 and 60 characters. Search engines like Google display only the first 50-60 characters of a title. Exceeding this length may result in your title being cut off, potentially reducing its impact and click-through rate.

Meta description length

Meta descriptions summarize your product pages for search engines and users. The ideal length is between 150 and 160 characters. If a meta description exceeds this length, search engines truncate it, which can result in incomplete or less compelling information being shown. A well-crafted meta description within the optimal length can significantly improve your click-through rates by providing a clear and enticing summary of your page's content.

Open Graph description length

Open Graph descriptions determine how your products appear on social media. The recommended length is between 200 and 300 characters. This ensures your descriptions are engaging and informative, boosting social media interactions. If your Open Graph description is too long, it may be cut off, leading to a less effective presentation of your product on social platforms.

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