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Unlock the power of precision audience targeting with for Magento. Transform your product marketing by reaching the right customers every time.

Smart ecommerce audience targeting

Our audience targeting feature allows you to pinpoint your ideal customers effortlessly. Whether you select from predefined demographics, use AI-generated target markets, or create a custom audience, ensures your message hits the mark.


How it works


Select or create your audience

• Predefined demographics - Easily select from gender and generational categories to define your target audience.
• AI-generated markets - AI generates suggestions for target markets based on your product name and target keywords (if any).
• Custom audience - Manually input your desired audience characteristics to refine your targeting further.

Apply to your product listings

AI will automatically generate text suitable for the selected audience.

Monitor and adjust

Track your own performance metrics and make necessary adjustments to optimize your audience targeting. - the #1 Magento AI writer

Audience targeting is only one feature among many available in Experience convenience and speed in ecommerce copywriting with’s suite of features from keyword analysis, meta title generator, product description generator, and more. See full list of features here.


Maximize your marketing potential with’s audience targeting for Magento. Reach the right customers, boost your sales, and streamline your marketing efforts.

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Try without creating an account or any installation. Test up to three products by entering product attributes (e.g., color, weight, size etc.) and SEO keywords.

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