magento-features-chrome-extension Chrome Extension for Magento Content Writers

The Chrome extension is an essential companion to the module for Magento, offering seamless content review and real-time synchronization for enhanced ecommerce experiences.

What is the Chrome Extension?

The Chrome extension integrates perfectly with the module for Magento. It enables users to review and annotate live product pages in real-time, marking sections that need rewriting or fact-checking. This tool is designed for content writers and reviewers who need to collaborate efficiently.

All notes and annotations are instantly visible in the dashboard within Magento, making it ideal for teams with dedicated reviewers and content creators. Enhance your collaboration and ensure top-quality content across your Magento store.

Why you need the Chrome extension

The Chrome extension is crucial for maintaining accurate, high-quality, and relevant content on your Magento store. It fosters collaboration between team members, ensuring that your content is always optimized and free of errors.

How it works


Get the extension

Add the Chrome Extension to your browser from the Chrome Web Store.

Navigate live pages

Visit any live product page on your Magento site and follow the instructions to connect the extension to your account.

Automatic adjustments

Mark text that needs rewriting or fact-checking and add specific notes or comments.

Sync automatically

Annotations automatically sync with the dashboard for easy access by content creators.

Review and publish

Content writers review the notes in the dashboard, make necessary changes, and publish the updated content. - the #1 Magento AI writer

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The Chrome extension for Magento revolutionizes content review and collaboration. With real-time annotations and seamless integration with the dashboard, this tool ensures your product descriptions and other content are always accurate, high-quality, and optimized.

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