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Built for Magento

The #1 Magento AI extension for your product descriptions does more than just generate product descriptions; it is fully incorporated into Magento. This eliminates the need for cumbersome copy-pasting, importing, exporting, and manual uploads and downloads using external tools.

Built for Magento is seamlessly integrated with Magento. Whip up product descriptions and SEO texts in no time and start selling.

Leverage AI-powered keyword analysis

With's Version 1.30, you can now utilize powerful AI-powered keyword analysis tailored for Magento. Instantly view the keywords your pages are currently ranking for, uncover the keywords your competitors may be targeting, and gain valuable insights like basic intent behind keywords to fine-tune your SEO efforts. This advanced feature equips you with the knowledge to optimize your content strategy and improve your product rankings.


Generate and customize product text enables you to generate meta titles, meta descriptions, Open Graph texts, and product descriptions based on your existing product data as well as images with our advanced AI image analysis feature.

Choose from our predefined tones, styles, and audience settings, select your products, and click “Generate.” For those seeking more customization, you have the flexibility to define your own tones, styles, and target markets. You can also use a reference product to guide the text generation for your entire product catalog. Additionally, version 1.30 now allows you to add special instructions during bulk generation, ensuring all your specific content needs are met.


Publish directly to Magento

Once you’ve created and refined your product text, there's no need for cumbersome copy-pasting or importing. Just hit “Transfer,” and your product text will be seamlessly published to Magento. Whether your products are live or in draft, our direct integration streamlines the process, making your workflow more efficient and straightforward.

Free AI product description generator

Get 35 complimentary credits every month with your free account. You’re up and running in a few minutes — no technical knowledge required.