The #1 WooCommerce AI product description writer

Beyond generating product descriptions, allows you to do so much more because it’s right inside WordPress. Fully integrated with WooCommerce, you can say goodbye to copy-paste, import-export, and manual uploads and downloads with external tools.

Experience AI-powered keyword analysis

With Version 1.30, you can now leverage powerful AI-powered keyword analysis in optimizing your product content. Automatically see the keywords your page is currently ranking for, discover what keywords your competitors are ranking for that you’re not, and get actionable insights such as keyword intent to optimize your content further. Get the competitive edge to refine your SEO strategy and enhance your product visibility.


Generate and enhance text

Automatically write product descriptions, meta titles, meta descriptions, and Open Graph texts based on the existing product data and images in your backend. Choose from our predefined tones, styles, and audiences, click “Generate,” and you’re ready to go. For those looking for more creative control, you can add custom tones, styles, and audiences. You can also select a reference product to guide the tone and style for your entire catalog.

You can even generate text for multiple products in one go with our bulk generation feature, with an added “special instructions” feature for version 1.30.


Publish to WooCommerce with one click

Once you’ve generated and/or edited your text, there’s no need to copy-paste and export-import. Just click “Transfer,” and your product text will automatically be sent to WooCommerce. If your product is already published, the new text will be live immediately. If your product is still in draft, just publish from WooCommerce to see it live. Our seamless integration ensures your workflow remains smooth and efficient.

Free AI product description generator

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Try without download or installation

Try without creating an account or any installation. Test up to three products by entering product attributes (e.g., color, weight, size etc.) and SEO keywords.