Optimize product text length with WriteText.ai for WooCommerce

Introducing the text length optimization feature by WriteText.ai for WooCommerce, designed to streamline your product descriptions and other text types for optimal length and effectiveness.

WriteText.ai’s text length optimization

Text length optimization is a feature that enables users to define the desired length for their product descriptions within WooCommerce, while ensuring that other crucial text elements such as meta titles, meta descriptions, and Open Graph descriptions are automatically adjusted to ideal lengths. This ensures consistency, clarity, and SEO-friendliness across your e-commerce site.

Product description length

Product descriptions are crucial for providing detailed information about your products. The ideal length varies but typically ranges between 300-500 words. WriteText.ai allows you to set your own target range to suit your products, ensuring each description is detailed enough to inform but concise enough to retain customer interest.

Meta title length

Meta titles are essential for SEO and user click-through rates. The best practice is to keep them around 50-60 characters to ensure they are fully displayed in search results. WriteText.ai automatically optimizes your meta titles to fit within this range, maximizing their effectiveness.

Meta description length

Meta descriptions provide a brief summary of your page content in search results. The ideal length is between 150-160 characters, offering enough detail to entice users without being cut off. WriteText.ai ensures your meta descriptions are concise and compelling, enhancing your site's SEO and click-through rates.

Open Graph description length

Open Graph descriptions are used by social media platforms to display a preview of your content. They should be concise and engaging, usually around 200-300 characters, to ensure they are fully visible. WriteText.ai optimizes these descriptions to make your social media previews stand out and attract more clicks.

How it works


Set target length

Users can define target minimum and maximum word counts for product descriptions within WooCommerce.

Review and publish

Automatic adjustments
WriteText.ai automatically optimizes meta titles, meta descriptions, and Open Graph descriptions to their ideal lengths based on best practices.

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Using WriteText.ai's text length optimization feature for WooCommerce, you can ensure that all your content is perfectly optimized for both users and search engines. This feature not only saves you time but also enhances the overall quality and effectiveness of your text content. With advanced AI capabilities, creating high-quality, relevant outputs has never been easier, ensuring your WooCommerce site stands out in a competitive market.

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