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What is image alt text?

Image alt text, short for “alternative text,” is a description added to the HTML of an image on a webpage. This text is crucial for providing context to both search engines and users who may not be able to view the images.

Importance in ecommerce

In WooCommerce sites, image alt text is even more important since your product images play an essential role in selling your products. Well-written alt text can enhance product visibility and provide detailed information to potential buyers.


AI image alt text generator for WooCommerce

The AI-powered image analysis tool by WriteText.ai enhances both accessibility and SEO by generating accurate and relevant alt text for images associated with products. This tool simplifies the process of writing image alt text, ensuring that all your images have descriptive and SEO-friendly text.


How it works


Image recognition

The process begins with image recognition, where the AI utilizes advanced computer vision techniques to identify objects, scenes, and other elements within an image. This ensures that the generated alt text is accurate and descriptive.

Alt text generation

Once the AI has analyzed the image, it generates alt text that describes the image accurately. Each alt text is generated in about one second or less, making the process incredibly efficient. If you have set keywords for a product page, they will also be considered in generating the image alt text.

Review and transfer

After the text generation is completed, you can review each alt text before “transferring” it or making it live in your WooCommerce store. This review step ensures that all alt texts meet your standards and accurately describe the images.

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Using WriteText.ai to generate image alt text not only improves accessibility and SEO but also enhances the overall user experience on your e-commerce site. With its advanced AI capabilities, WriteText.ai simplifies the process of creating high-quality, relevant alt texts, ensuring that your WooCommerce store stands out in search engine rankings and provides a seamless experience for all users.

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