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Harness the power of AI writing for unique content for your ecommerce site

3 min read | Published on Feb 24, 2024 |
Written by Peter Skouhus

A Danish entrepreneur who owns and 1902 Software Development, an IT company in the Philippines where he has lived since 1998. Peter has extensive experience in the business side of IT and AI development, strategic IT management, and sales.

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AI writing for ecommerce sites

In the bustling domain of online retail, standing out is pivotal. The content on your ecommerce site plays a significant role in SEO, directly impacting your visibility and traffic. In this blog, we will explore the importance of unique content and how AI automation can significantly ease content creation process.

Advantages of unique content

SEO relevance

Unique content minimizes duplicate content problems, thereby elevating your ecommerce site’s ranking in search engines and attracting more organic traffic. Strategically incorporating relevant keywords in product descriptions, titles, and meta descriptions can further bolster your ecommerce site's visibility. 

User experience (UX)

Crafting informative and unique product descriptions that answer specific queries enhances the user experience. Furthemore, a consistent brand voice creates an engaging and cohesive journey that likely results in more conversions. 

Competitive edge

Unique content sets your offerings apart from competitors, especially those utilizing generic supplier-provided content. Tailored messaging resonates better with your target audience, potentially leading to higher conversion rates. 

Social media sharing

Customized open graph text ensures that your products are shared coherently and attractively on social platforms, which can drive additional traffic and sales.

Essential components of a product page

  • Page title: Crucial for SEO and provides a clear indication of the page content. Ideally, it should contain your main keyword.
  • Meta description: A brief summary that appears in search results informing potential visitors about the page content. 
  • Product excerpt: A quick snapshot to help users grasp the product's essence swiftly. 
  • Product description: Detailed description about your product that assists customers in making informed decisions before buying. 
  • Open graph text: Enhances the appearance and description of your product when shared on social media platforms.

Strategic content planning for new ecommerce sites

Launching a new ecommerce site, especially one with a vast product range, requires a well-thought-out content strategy. Here are some ideas on how to tackle this challenge: 

Prioritize key products: Initially focus on creating unique content for high-margin or unique products. 

Phase-wise launch: Begin with products that already have unique content, and gradually unveil more products as you have time and resources to produce more content. 

Temporary use of supplier's text: Use supplier text as a placeholder while progressively replacing it with unique content. Note that suppliers often only provide product descriptions, missing other important text such as page title, page description, excerpt and open graph text. In addition to this, many other companies may use the same text which can lead to duplicate content problems. 

Outsource content creation: If budget permits, outsourcing can expedite the process of creating unique content for all products. 

Utilize content generation tools: AI content generation tools like can significantly accelerate the process of creating unique text while maintaining a coherent brand voice. Pairing such tools with in-house or outsourced content writers presents the quickest and most cost-effective method to get your text produced.

Embrace automated AI text generation

Generating engaging, unique content for each product can be a daunting task, particularly for new and growing ecommerce sites. This is where an AI writing tool like becomes invaluable.

To see firsthand the effectiveness of an automated AI writing tool, try the no-download trial of Simply complete a few fields, and you'll receive an email with unique AI-generated content for your products.

Savings with AI writing tool

AI text generation doesn't just save time; it also lowers the cost of producing content. Try our savings calculator to compare the costs between traditional writing, writing using ChatGPT,, and Bulk and discover firsthand the savings achievable with an AI writing tool.


Venturing into the realm of unique content not only elevates your brand but also significantly contributes to your SEO and user experience. With tools like, the journey becomes less daunting and more rewarding. As you evolve, monitoring the SEO impact and continuously refining your content strategy based on analytics and customer feedback will keep your ecommerce site on the path to sustained success.

Let do the heavy lifting.