Credit cost and usage

Certain actions cost a specific amount of credits inside In our pricing page, the estimated number of products for each plan or option is based on the assumption that you will generate all text types for each product (meta or page title, meta description, Open Graph text, 200-word product description, and when available, short description, as well as image alt text) and do one keyword analysis (except for the free plan where this is not available).

In reality, your usage may be different. Here is a guide on how many credits each action costs and some examples on how you can mix and match in order to maximize your credits:

Credit cost
Generate 1x Meta title 1 credit
Generate 1x Meta description 1 credit
Generate 1x Open Graph text 1 credit
Generate 200-word product description / short description

2 credits for the first 200 words
+1 credit for every additional 200 words*

Generate image alt text (for up to 10 images) 1 credit
Do 1x Keyword analysis 2 credits

* Credit cost for product description or short description is calculated based on the target length you set. If you are using the rewriting or reference product feature, your reference text’s length will also be taken into consideration. Please see our FAQ on how credit cost is calculated.



(Includes meta title + meta description + 200-word product description and short description + Open Graph text + alt text for up to 10 images + keyword analysis for each product)


200-word product descriptions

~70 + 65

meta titles + 200-word product descriptions

~100 + 50

meta descriptions + 200-word product descriptions

~30 each of

meta titles + meta descriptions + 200-word product descriptions + 200-word short descriptions + Open Graph texts

...and so many more possibilities.

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